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UK Dirty Meat Scandal

"I've seized many carcasses contaminated by faeces, brain and spinal matter, as well as a variety of potentially- fatal bacteria. Some have also been covered in cysts and riddled with disease...

...After a long battle against these criminals I feel that nothing happens to them; they are still in business poisoning the nation every day and no one is taking any action...I will do what I can to protect the public despite difficulties which I am facing." Dr Yunes Teinaz..

The "Dirty Meat" Despatches programme, shown on Channel 4, showed only the tip of the iceberg.

In spite of reassuring words from the government and the FSA, - no action is actually taken to stop the rotten trade except by the heroic few such as Dr Teinaz. Although professional and trade associations have called for new legislation to deal with serious food crime, the Food Standards Agency has resisted, arguing that to introduce a new offence would "breach European Community law."

Thanks to Dr Yunes Teinaz and other researchers who have shared their knowledge with warmwell, we can at least put some information onto the internet for all to see. This sort of task should not be up to us - but where are those who should be giving substantial help to Dr Teinaz with new legislation aimed at the real criminals? The Meat Trade in its criminal form is sinister, powerful and deeply feared - and widespread. Who will protect consumers from diseased meat and the animals from barbarous slaughter?

[ Article Courtesy of Warmwell ]