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26 September 2005

News release

For immediate release

Naz Project London (NPL) benefits from pioneering coinvestment

Impetus Trust, the venture philanthropy charity and CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) are launching a pioneering investment collaboration. The organisation selected to benefit from this ‘coinvestment’ is Naz Project London, which provides sexual health and HIV prevention and support services to Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities.
With the rapidly increasing incidence of sexually transmitted infections and national efforts to tackle this issue more effectively, Naz Project London aims to expand substantially their important work with BME young people.

According to Bryan Teixeira, Chief Executive of Naz Project London: “The assessment process has been both challenging and supportive, but I am excited by the potential we now have to increase our impact on the urgent (but little discussed) issue of BME sexual health. We know how vital it is to communicate sensitively and effectively with BME communities; we also know we have the experience and expertise to do that”.

Impetus Trust and CAF, through their Grant Programme’s Collaborative Fund, selected Naz Project London as their first coinvestment initiative because of the importance of their work; the need for support; and the strength of leadership in NPL. By combining resources from both Impetus and CAF, an investment package has been designed to meet the specific capacity-building needs of Naz Project London in making a greater impact on even more lives.

Impetus adds significant value through leveraging in pro bono support from corporate and individual associates. As part of the due diligence, NPL benefited from a comprehensive sector and competition analysis contributed by the strategy consultancy firm, OC&C and valued at £50,000. This gave NPL a thorough understanding of their market and positioning, which has underpinned a revision of their strategy and helped to shape the Impetus/CAF investment.

CAF, the not-for-profit organisation committed to effective giving, provides support through its network of consultants and links with other organisations.

The investment package for Naz Project London will comprise a total of £275,000 core funding over four years, with Impetus contributing £175,000 and CAF Grants £100,000. In addition to the funding, and integral to the venture philanthropy package is some targeted capacity-building – pro bono consultancy - focusing on business planning, income generation, human resources strategy. Capacity-building inputs too will be drawn both from Impetus and from CAF Grants.

Victoria Anderson, Head of Grantmaking at CAF explained: “We are convinced this collaborative model and the lessons we have learnt will have benefits for funders and the charities they support. Collaboration throughout the development and implementation of co-investment needs commitment and energy on both parts. Working with Impetus and Naz Project London has informed the way we do things and we have been able to share our experience with Impetus. We know that mutuality will continue beyond this coinvestment.”

Judith Brodie, Chief Executive of Impetus Trust, added: “We have demonstrated that coinvestment is possible with a flexible and committed partner, such as CAF. We believe that the impact Naz Project London can achieve with our collaborative support will demonstrate the value that the distinctive venture philanthropy approach, combining funding and capacity-building, can bring.”

- Ends -

For more information please contact:

Judith Brodie,
Chief Executive

Impetus Trust
Hamilton House
Mabledon Place
London WC1H 9BB
Tel 020 7953 0531
Fax 020 7554 8501
Vicki Pulman
Public Relations Manager
Kings Hill
West Malling
Kent ME19 4TA
Tel 01732 520 094/120
Bryan Teixera,
Chief Executive
Naz Project London
Palingswick House
241 King Street
London W6 9LP
Phone 020 8741 1879
Fax 020 8741 9609


Note to Editors

1. The national strategy for sexual health and HIV comments that “The highest burden [of sexual ill health] is borne by women, gay men, teenagers, young adults and black and minority ethnic groups” with the rates of some diseases among some inner city black and minority ethnic groups ten or eleven times higher than in whites. It adds that Britain’s African communities have been particularly badly affected by HIV/AIDS, with high rates among both adults and children.

London has a large BME population – 28.8% of the Greater London population. Department of Health data indicate that the incidence of STIs is greater in London than anywhere else in the UK and that the incidence among BME communities is significant. For example, over 50% of the 35,400 people infected with HIV in the UK reside in London. 60% of Londoners infected with HIV are from Black or minority ethnic communities.

The National Strategy for sexual health and HIV. Department of Health. 2001.

2. Impetus was founded by Stephen Dawson, one of the first venture capitalists in the UK, and Nat Sloane, entrepreneur, venture capitalist and consultant.

Impetus Trust is believed to be the first general venture philanthropy charitable fund in the UK. Impetus will strive to make the biggest difference with donors’ money by helping the charities it supports to achieve a step-change in their performance. The ultimate goal is to enable these charities to have a greater impact on the lives of more people in need by improving the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the services delivered. The aim is to maximise social return on investment for these charities, for donors and for Impetus.

The Impetus approach to venture philanthropy involves:

  • the provision of flexible long term funding for charities’ core costs; help to build capacity in our selected charities the development of a hands-on collaborative relationship
  • performance monitoring and management.

3. CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) is the not-for-profit organization committed to effective giving, providing a range of specialist services to donors, businesses and charities in the UK and internationally.
CAF Grantmaking offers a range of related professional services for both charities and other grantmakers based on CAF’s grantmaking framework.
CAF's Grant Programme 2005/06 aims to build the capacity of small to medium sized charities. Other services include support for other grantmakers by distributing funds on their behalf and monitoring of the use of distributed funds.
Through its international network of offices and partner agencies, CAF helps companies, trusts and foundations to devise grantmaking programmes throughout the world.

4. Naz Project London (NPL) is the oldest and largest BME initiated and led sexual health and HIV charity in London. The charity was established in 1991 by a group of volunteers in response to the needs of a South Asian Muslim man who was living with HIV and unable to access any culturally and linguistically appropriate services. The name ‘Naz’ was derived from his name.

NPL is a leader in providing culturally competent sexual health promotion and STI/HIV prevention services as well as support for people living with HIV from BME communities. In order to maximise cultural and linguistic depth of involvement, NPL’s programmes target a limited number of BME communities: Eritreans, Ethiopians, Muslims, Portuguese speakers (including Mozambicans and Angolans), Somalis, South Asians, and Spanish speaking Latin Americans. NPL works across London and is developing satellite offices in selected boroughs.

Impetus Trust, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BB
Registered charity number 1094681

Naz Project London, Palingswick House, 241 King Street, London W6 9LP
Registered charity number 1014056

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), 25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4TA
Registered charity number 1014056