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Volunteers Required

Announcement on behalf of ICC partner organisations

We are conducting a survey, exploring how easy it is to buy fresh food in Hackney.

*Interview local shopkeepers
*Help conduct surveys of local shops and the fresh produce that they sell

Volunteers should be familiar with Chatham, New River, Hackney Wick or Kings Park. A total of 3-5 days is required. Training will be provided.

If interested read on.

We would like your help

We are looking for volunteers to help inform and collect local data on access to affordable healthy food.

Research in London has shown that some communities have problems accessing affordable, fresh food. In Hackney we are interested in finding out the situation in four areas: Chatham, New River, Hackney Wick and Kings Park.

We want to find out from local residents the problems they face in accessing food as well as examples of good practice, where local retailers or voluntary efforts have made access easier.

Findings will help us decide how best to tackle any identified food access problems and where to focus efforts of both the local authority and Primary Care Trust in future work.

What use is this research to the community?

The findings from this work will be used to help improve access to food in the Borough of Hackney, using ideas from local communities.

The work is being carried out in partnership by:

  • City & Hackney Primary Care Trust (Health Improvement and community Dietetics)
  • London Borough of Hackney (Departments of Environmental Health, Policy and Planning & Regeneration and Neighbourhoods)
  • East London Food Access
  • London City University


Volunteers who help in the collection of data will receive vouchers at the rate of £10/day (including training day). These will be provided at the end of the agreed work. In addition, travel costs will be reimbursed for those attending interviews or helping in the research.

Skills and interest requirements

To volunteer you need an interest in your local community. Training will be provided on the collection of data and the skills needed to interview shopkeepers. Basic numeracy and literacy skills are also required. If you want to help in the collection of data then you can expect to contribute between 3 and 5 days of your time between March and April 2006. This can be done in blocks of time as suits your circumstances.

Contact details

If you would like further information on either of the two roles then please contact:

Sarah Bowyer
Research Assistant
Centre for Food Policy
Dept of Health Management and Food
Northampton Square
Institute of Health Sciences
City University
London EC1V 0HB
Tel: 0207 040 3248