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BBC Watchdog programme shocks & disturbs viewers

March 28 ~ April 3 2005 ~ "...hundreds of carcases of illegal meat enter the human food chain without any action"

Diseased meat, illegally slaughtered in the vilest of conditions, is getting into the human food chain. Carcases can be bought from the criminals who - with good reasons - laugh all the way to the bank at the government's " wide-ranging action plan to tackle meat crime". They know that neither local authorities nor the Food Standards Agency has the time (see Warmwell link), inclination or expertise to stop them - and that even if they do end up in the dock it will cause just a brief and inexpensive hiatus to their activities. Agencies getting government money to check on safety and hygiene are simply not doing so - and the FSA says that to introduce a new law against a newly defined offence would "breach European Community law".

Watchdog on BBC television, Tuesday 29 March at 7 pm shocked and disturbed viewers.

For the email received from the one man in the country who is fighting the meat criminals on behalf of the people of London, Dr Yunes Teinaz (see Warmwell link)

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