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Press Releases

Periodically the ICC and it sister organisations release Press Releases to spread messages when matters of utmost urgency affect the Muslim community.

To view previous press releases, please select from below

12/08/2005 Dr Amer leaves ICC
03/05/2005 10 Questions to raise your concerns in the next General Election (MBC)
17/04/2005 STOP Channel 4 PORN - STOP its public funding (Media March)
06/04/2005 The death of Pope John Paul II...also a sad day for the Muslims
02/04/2005 ICC expresses condolences to Catholics in Britain and around the world at the
death of Pope John Paul II
16/03/2005 'If in doubt leave it out' personal food imports campaign coming to regents park
08/03/2005 Government commitment to continued practice of halal
31/12/2004 Responding to the South Asian Disaster
08/12/2004 ‘If in doubt, leave it out’ personal food imports campaign coming to Hackney
03/12/2004 ‘If in doubt, leave it out’ Personal food imports campaign visits Suleymaniye Mosque and UK Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre Trust
19/11/2004 Seminar addresses food safety and illegal imports
25/10/2004 Warning as illegal meat campaign launched
28/09/2004 Britain's worst farmer
28/09/2004 Halal meat and food crime in the uk
(Paper Presented in Malaysia, September 2004)
20/09/2004 Illegal meat racketeers exposed in TV documentary
25/08/2004 Unfit meat from licensed Slaughterhouse approval
02/08/2004 Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
30/06/2004 Putting smokies on the menu
29/06/2004 Minister to Review DEFRA's Response on Halal Slaughter and Stunning
19/04/2004 Meat crimes in the UK
(Speech delivered at Royal Society for the Promotion of Health)
02/04/2004 DEFRAs proposed response to FAWC report 2003
11/03/2004 Haringey's Halal meat eaters saved from possible stomach bug
08/02/2004 A rap song in conflict with Islamic teachings and values
24/06/2003 Meat Unfit for Human Consumption

Muslim consumer chicken con