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About us

The Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC) incorporates The London Central Mosque and was established in 1944. Since its establishment, the ICC acts on behalf of all british Muslims vis-a-vis the government. local authorities and official bodies. This covers matters pertraining to health, welfare, education and more.

The London Central Mosque and the annexed Islamic Cultural Centre have become the focus of Islam and Muslims in the UK. In addition to providing facilities for daily worship by Muslims and Islamic Education for the children in and the surrounding areas, the Centre is proud to have played a pivotal role in the establishment of almost every other mosque and Islamic institutions in the UK which are intended to serve their respective local Muslim community. The capacity for praying purposes at the mosque was designed to accommodate about 4500 people, including the basement foyers and extended open wings. But in practice, the figure may top 6000 worshippers during the Summer period when up to 1000 or more offer their prayers in the open forecourt of the mosque. For the two festivals, up to 50,000 Muslims visit the Mosque and offer their prayers in batches (six on an average Eid day).

The Islamic Cultural Centre & The London Central Mosque Trust Ltd,
146 Park Road,
NW8 7RG.


020 7724 3363 (10 lines)


020 7724 0493