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Whether mechanical, electrical and chemical, stunning causes pain, suffering, paralysis, breaking of bones and death. This intentional act of injury makes the animal unsuitable for consumption according to the Islamic code of practice.

  • Death does occur in many animals and about 1/3 of chickens die before Dhabh/slaughter (Mitah...which is forbidden to eat)
  • The problem is also that nobody knows which animal/chicken has died from stunning,as all are slaughtered and consumed
  • It stops convulsion of animals and therefore blood is not rushing through the body and heart for efficient bleeding.
  • As stunning is often done in large numbers before slaughter, blood congeals in arteries and body tissues. This reduces taste and keeping quality of meat. For Muslims, blood is forbidden food but stunning can cause death.
  • The economic s of the meat industry is such that only stunning guarantees high profits through high throughput. Coupled with high demand for meat consumption, the stunning procedure, however well intentioned, is bound to result in excessive cruelty to animals and a large proportion of dead animals in circulation following stunning but prior to the slaughter procedure. All of these are in contradiction to the Shariah of Islam.
  • Dhabh method causes shock due to massive bleeding, becomes painless, ensures the animals dies as a direct method of bleeding and finally a good quality meat through complete removal of blood helped by keeping intact the nervous connection between brain and body because the spinal cord is not served.
  • Meat produced by the Dhabh method does not present health risks. Recent studies have shown that depending on the method used for stunning, the damaged brain may enter the circulating blood and expose the consumer to the risk of BSE /vCJD. It is interesting that when a recent Scientific Steering Group of the EU assessed the relative risk of spread of BSE from slaughtered animals, the religious methods of slaughter (i.e. Islamic & Jewish) were not even included in the risk assessment exercise.