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Islam means peace or submission to the will of Allah (God). Followers of Islam are called Muslims, which means those who have submitted to one God.

Islam is not merely a religion. It is a way of life with rules and manners governing every facet of life. Since food is an important part of daily life, food laws carry a special significance. Muslims are expected to eat for survival, to maintain good health and not to live for eating. In Islam, eating is considered to be a matter of worship of God like prayer, fasting, charitable donations and other religious activities. A Muslim eats to maintain a healthy and strong physique in order to be able to contribute his effort and knowledge for the welfare of society.

Islam is the worlds second largest religion, and also the fastest growing, both globally and in Europe. Approximately 8 million Muslim in Europe, and the fast increasing Muslim population in Britain currently about 1.6 Million Muslim, and the worldwide Muslim population is over 1.4 billion

It is the religious obligation of Muslims to consume only Halal Meat and foods.

Muslims in Britain and abroad try to eat Halal by checking the ingredients of food products. However, this is only a temporary solution, as it does not guarantee that the food is definitely Halal. Muslims need and want to see Halal certified Meat and food products carrying Halal logos on their supermarkets shelves, similar to Kosher certified products. Little if any attempt has been made to authenticate genuine compliance with the Islamic Shariah Law. Many products are looked upon with suspicion.

Today, Halal meat and meat products form a significant share of the British meat market. The Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) estimate that Muslims in Britain consume about 25% of the lamb meat in this country (about 200, 000 sheep per week). There are 500 contracts slaughtering every week. In addition 50% of UK schools require Halal food. Also Muslims consume about 5 million chickens weekly.